From design to commissioning and everything in between, since 2005, we have been up to our elbows in Laboratory Aquaculture Facilities and Systems. 


Our Mission

It is our mission to ensure that you have an experienced and knowledgeable guide through the process of designing and building a new or renovated zebrafish facility. We work directly with the institutional officials, veterinarians, researchers, facilities management and husbandry staff, and the capitol equipment vendors to make sure that the architects and engineers design and build the facilities you need to achieve your goals.

Erik was very generous with his help and in depth knowledge of all aspects of running a zebrafish facility when we were setting up the new facility at King’s College London. Sharing this information contributed enormously to the success of our facility, especially with his detailed information on feeding regimes.
— Allison Hunter, Technical Manager King's College London

What we offer & What We've Achieved

Work Surrounding the Laboratory Space

  • We create customized training sessions to help you integrate marine rotifers into your zebrafish culture facilities- CLICK HERE

  • We develop and give customized educational presentations, based on the needs of the client

  • Development of Educational Curriculum for the classroom and for Practical applications

  • Design of state-of-the-art Zebrafish Core Facility at Washington University in St. Louis' Medical School

  • Design and Project Management of state-of-the-art Zebrafish Facility at Arkana Laboratories in Little Rock, AR

  • Development and implementation of rotifer culturing and feed-out strategies for zebrafish laboratories in several countries

  • We work to serve as liaison between the institution & investigators and the vendors, architects, contractors and trades

  • We provide SOP and Protocol development and review for use in the lab, in the institution, and for legislative compliance

Work Within the Laboratory Space

  • We provide on-site training specific to the needs of our clients. Areas include:

    • embryo care and larviculture

    • spawning and breeding

    • environmental enrichment

    • feeding and nutrition

    • rotifer culture and feed-out

    • water quality management

  • We provide online and on site training specific to:

    • use and maintenance of:

      • aquatics life-support-systems

      • aquatics cage-wash

      • aquatics automated feeding

      • water purification systems

    • Live Feeds Use and Culture

      • rotifers as a first-feed item for larval zebrafish

      • rotifer production as an alternative to artemia